This is the website of the Chemistry Graduate Student Committee. The CGSC represents the graduate students in Chemistry at MIT and strives to bring students and post docs together outside of the laboratory environment by organizing various social events for the entire chemistry department throughout the year.

June 2020: Important Announcement Regarding Support Black Lives

Dear members of the MIT chemistry department,
We, the chemistry graduate student committee executive board, are urging you to read and sign the BGSA petition if you have not done so already.
As you may be aware, many of the 2015 BSU/BGSA recommendations have not been met. We must strive to make MIT a place where Black members of the MIT community can feel welcomed and thrive. In working towards this goal, the petition calls for the following objectives:

Objective 1: Establish demands for the development of a 3-year and 10-year strategic plan to address racial bias at MIT by accomplishing the remaining tasks of the 2015 BSU/BGSA recommendations AND new addendums to the recommendations
Objective 2: Make MIT safe for all students by investigating and implementing new models for public safety that reduce the scale of policing and increase safety and well-being

The full details of the petition and a form to sign-on can be found at bgsa.mit.edu/sbl2020. You may sign on to one or both of the objectives. Signing this petition and showing your support for its objectives are important first steps in making MIT a more inclusive environment.